Things to Do near Joes Ridge

Explore the diverse and picturesque surroundings of Joe's Ridge Retreat, where nature and adventure seamlessly blend. Here are some enticing things to do nearby, each offering a unique experience:

Grandview: Visit Grandview, known for its stunning panoramic views of the New River Gorge. The overlooks provide breathtaking vistas, making it a perfect spot for photography and relaxation.  Take a leisurely walk along the rim trails, capture the scenic beauty, and, if you're up for a challenge, hike down to the base of the gorge.

Glade Creek: Experience the tranquility of Glade Creek, a scenic waterway surrounded by lush forests. This peaceful location is ideal for nature walks and enjoying the soothing sounds of flowing water.  Pack a picnic, explore the walking trails, and take in the serenity of this picturesque creek setting.

Little Beaver State Park: Discover outdoor recreation at Little Beaver State Park, offering a variety of activities for nature enthusiasts.  Enjoy fishing in the lake, have a relaxing picnic, or explore the park's hiking trails. The park is a great place to unwind and connect with nature.

Sandstone Falls: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Sandstone Falls, one of the largest waterfalls on the New River.  Take a scenic drive to the falls, explore the boardwalks, and marvel at the cascading water. It's a fantastic spot for photography and appreciating the wonders of the river.

Winterplace Ski Resort: Embrace the winter wonderland at Winterplace Ski Resort, offering a range of winter sports and activities.  Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and tubing during the winter months. The resort caters to all skill levels, making it a perfect destination for snow enthusiasts.

Weathered Ground Brewery: Experience the local craft beer scene at Weathered Ground Brewery, a rustic brewery with a welcoming atmosphere. Sample a variety of craft beers, enjoy live music events, and savor delicious food pairings. It's a great place to unwind and socialize with locals and fellow travelers.

Black Circle Bistro: Indulge your taste buds at the Black Circle Bistro, a local culinary gem offering a delightful dining experience.  Treat yourself to a savory meal prepared with locally sourced ingredients. From delectable appetizers to mouth-watering entrees, the bistro provides a diverse menu to satisfy various palates. The cozy ambiance, wall of pinball machines and friendly staff make it an excellent spot for a memorable dining experience.

    Whether you're seeking outdoor adventures, scenic views, or a taste of local culture, the nearby attractions provide a diverse range of activities for guests at Joe's Ridge Retreat. Explore at your own pace and make the most of your retreat in this nature-rich environment.